Does Trust = Speed?

How to effectively apply project management principles to your business model
Anchors Away Photo Courtesy: Vernita Naylor (JEGroup)

What does trust mean to you? According to Merriam-Webster trust is the belief that something or someone is reliable, honest, good or effective. According to Stephen M.R. Covey, The Speed of Trust, costs are reduced when trust is present.

He gave an example of how Warren Buffet was able to quickly acquire one of his businesses in a non-traditional expeditious manner 1) due to his integrity and character in business dealings 2) his perseverance in acquiring businesses and 3) the processes that he uses in acquiring those businesses. It has been stated that Buffet’s lifestyle, openness and way of doing business exudes trust. He can make a billion dollar business deal on a merger with just a shake of the hand.

Despite Warren Buffett’s net worth of $58.5 billion it is said that his humility and the ability to trust him makes any type of business deal with him easy. Did you know that your character says a lot about you as a business owner or entrepreneur as well? Well it does. Buffet is not the only one that can establish this type of trust especially in business dealings.

You can establish a solid form of trust as well. Ask yourself: What do others say about me? Can they trust me? When they talk about me will they use the words sincerity, trustworthy and humility?

If you believe that none of these words or any similar will be said about you, then what will be said instead? Well one thing that you can do is to do your best. While doing your best enforce honor, respect, integrity and good character in your business dealings and let the universe do the rest.

So could trust=speed? It’s possible. Try it for yourself.


Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)



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