When you say something to either your family, friends or customers do they believe you?  If I were to ask twelve people to tell me about your character, what would they say? If I were to ask them also if you were a person of your word, what would be their answer be?

Everything that we say and do displays our character and it tells who we are. If people say that you are a person of your word, great because this character trait will transcend from your personal to your business lifestyle. If they do not say this about you, why not?

As we grow and develop into maturity our personal development grows and should mature as well.  Your word should be your bond. You should be able to cash it in whenever necessary. As you are maturing and growing you should exercise transparency in your character practices.

Who we are and what we do follows us no matter where we are. Remember, wherever you go there you will be also. With the elements of social media and the influx of various types of technological models continually being developed, we are no longer living in the six degrees of separation era but more likely three degrees with one degree of separation following closely behind.

What this means is that words and actions travel fast, whether they are good or bad. Ask your favorite actor or celebrity. By the time Miley Cyrus finish doing some outlandish act in Rome or Bruno Mars break out with a new song in Africa, it would have hit the cloud in some form or fashion in California and Toronto, Canada by the speed of light.

Everything creates news and everyone knows about it.  Jay-Z couldn’t have a private moment with Beyonce and Solange in the elevator without it hitting the media and still circulating years later. You should look at yourself in the same vein.

What you do, don’t do or say speaks to your character.  Everything defines who we are.  Continually improving your professional development traits is important to you and those around you so treat it as such. The next time those around you are asked some questions about you, hopefully, they will be able to answer that you are transparent and a person of your word that they can trust because they believe in you.

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Vernita Naylor
Small Business Ambassador, Published Author, Speaker, Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)

“Be transparent in how you conduct business.” Vernita Naylor



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