It’s Never Too Late To Dream


When people become one, some people still maintain their independence and identity while others lose themselves in the process. Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman is a funny novel about the life of, you guessed it, Britt-Marie. At one point she felt that her life was nothing without her husband, Kent. Kent was her world, until one day she had had enough and left him.

Britt-Marie did not realize that her quirky, unusual character would be difficult for her to function and navigate in her new life. While being a wife, to Kent, she was able to hide in the house, cook and clean while living through her husband and his friends. Now without him, she would have to create a life of her own.

One would have to wonder how did Britt-Marie get to this point of losing herself. She too had dreams but instead, she focused on the dreams that Kent possessed. She too wanted children but instead, she became a stepmother.

It is through an unusual twist of fate in the town of Borg, that Britt-Marie discovers that really deep down inside there is still hope, love and that maybe she would be able to live out some of those dreams. If you enjoy reading Fredrick Backman’s work from And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry to A Man Called Ove or new to his work, you will truly love this book.

B.E.S.T. Publishing (A Division of Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)


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