Slipping Into the Darkness

Diablerie by Walter Mosley

Diablerie by Walter Mosley is a dark, haunting story about life recall. Diablerie means ‘the act of  mischief or associated with demonic practices.’  It is our past that can affect our future. This book is for mature audiences only. When Benny runs into Star someone in his forgotten past, his life begins to unravel. This unfortunate meeting causes his past to come back to haunt him which may even cost him his life.

To Benny ‘Ben’ Dubbik his life was going ok. Despite the fact that he felt a depressed, empty and unhappy daily existence, he was somewhat happy and had a lot to be thankful for. He had a daughter, Ciela that was independent and going off to college. A wife of twenty years, Mona that was not only beautiful and looked younger than her age but held a prestigious position at the publication, ‘Diablerie.’  A lover/mistress, Lana that was young, in college and was comfortable with their routine tryst. And a comfortable friendship at work with the security guard, Cass.

One day all of this changed when he decided to accompany his wife to an event and Ben met Barbara ‘Star’, Noland.  It was twenty years ago that Ben had been a functioning alcoholic that would black out on occasion.  He decided to leave Colorado twenty years ago to change his life, this is where he met and married Mona.

Ben had no recollection of Star but she seemed to know him very well? One day Ben overhead Mona talk about having Ben investigated? Why? What happened?

One thing that did continually occur was that when Ben had that brief encounter with Star he began to start to recall things from his past. Did Mona know something that he didn’t? Is she in cahoots with Star?

What is going on? Get a copy of this great novel and find out how it ends. I recommend that you get the audiobook to encounter the whole haunting and suspenseful experience.

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