Back to Basics For Health

back to eden (jethro kloss)

Your health is important. How you eat and what you eat is crucial to your quality of life. As a child struggling with asthma and living with eczema I had to stay on a schedule of natural and clean eating throughout my childhood.

It appeared that I was allergic to everything from the environment I was inhaling, the clothes that I wore, and how the clothing was stored and washed to the food and beverage that I put in my mouth. I lived in the health food stores and grew up on a lot of the teachings that are contained in Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. Ironically, these practices are still what I live by today.

These principles contained in the book are what I have passed on to my daughter and how I have raised her which has caused her to obtain a strong healthy immune system instead of a compromised immune system, she can eat everything. As you look through the book you will notice that it contains some of the same remedies, foods, and practices of what is popular today. You will discover herbs for healthy living, treating diseases naturally, how your body functions, how the foods that you eat affects your health and well-being, food preparation, and why water is important.

We live in a stressful environment and everything affects us. I can honestly say that using these type of practices has allowed me the ability to maintain my quality of life. Also, I have been able to live a healthy life free of asthma and eczema. Ask yourself what choices are you making about your health?

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