Baby Boomers & Millenials Mix

A Man Called Ove

Ove is a whimsical story about a middle-aged man whose world as he knows it has drastically changed and he doesn’t know how to navigate through what he sees. Swedish New York Times Best Selling Author, Fredrik Backman is back again with A Man Called Ove (pronounced ‘ou’ ’va’ – like the words ‘you’ and ‘variety’).  To the outside world, Ove is seen as a bitter, anti-social, and critical man but how did he get this way? One Monday morning, Ove is let go from his job of over 33 years.  This came approximately four to six months after his wife, Sonja, died what is Ove to do now?

The next day, on Tuesday Ove, tries to work through his usual routine after being forced to retire but he can’t.  As Ove looks out into the world he discovers that his neighborhood has been saturated with self-employed, foreign car drivers, undesirables, that lack responsibility, violates the rules of the neighborhood and allows their dog to handle their business on his lawn.  To Ove’s dismay, as he continues throughout his day, he grudgingly encounters the Overweight Man, Blond Weed with her dog,  the Lanky Man and the Pregnant One with their two children and let’s not forget his nemesis neighbors Rune and his wife, Anita.

Believe it or not, Ove was once a hopefully and happy man. His dad was his hero, mentor, and friend. Through his father, Ove learned a lot about life, responsibility, and truthfulness.  His dad passed when Ove was 16 years old and immediately something also died within Ove that changed his life forever. But one day his life became hopeful again when he met and married his wife, Sonja. People had always wondered why she married him because they were like night and day. Despite his behavior, she had her reasons for marrying him and despite his grumpiness, she made Ove happy.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is about change, hope, chance encounters and love restored. If you want to really enjoy A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman listen to the audio,  narrated by George Newbern. George is an excellent storyteller and you will enjoy hearing him cleverly and effortlessly transition to the various characters in the story which will not only keep you engaged but laughing continuously. The combination between an excellent piece of work and a funny storyteller makes A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman a winner.

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