Expand Your Horizon To Grow


For some people change can become a scary act.  But did you realize that with the changes that you experience that it can actually help you to grow to your fullest potential?  Everything that you touch, every incident that you encounter and everything that you do, can help to expand your horizon.

Perform this quick assessment to see whether you are stagnant or on your way to expanding your horizon. Be honest about your answers.

A.When you meet someone new do you

  1. Try to engage in a conversation with them
  2. Act like you are engaged but tune out
  3. Try to avoid them
  4. Position yourself to at least listen to what they have to say

B.When you encounter a process that is unfamiliar to you do you

  1. Act like you are learning and interested but have no interest at all
  2. Attempt and make an effort
  3. Position yourself to learn how to understand it
  4. Try to avoid it

C.When you are working with a new client do you

  1. Repeat back what you hear
  2. Assume that you know what they are asking for
  3. Engage with another person and obtain their interpretation of the conversation
  4. Proceed according to your understanding and do not acquire additional feedback

D.Your employee or subcontractor did something unethical do you

  1. Suggest some corrective actions
  2. Immediately confront them about it
  3. Avoid the incident at all costs
  4. Try to smooth over the act

E.You discover that there is a new way of performing a process that you and others have been performing regularly for several years, do you

  1. Inform others about the new process
  2. Pretend like you weren’t aware of the process and go back to your old way of performing the process
  3. Keep the new process to yourself
  4. Discuss the new changes with management

Adding up the numbers that you circled will help to determine where you are in the growth process. If your score is over 12 you have great potential for growth and you are on your way to developing a habit of expanding. If you score below 12 then you can begin working on ways to improve yourself. Either way, it is important to know where you are and begin expanding your horizon for growth.

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“Be transparent in how you conduct business or perform.” Vernita Naylor





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