What Do You Expect It’s Free? (Part I)

Keep Your Head to the Sky in Canada (Photo Courtesy Fleta Matthews)
Photo Courtesy:  Fleta Matthews

Actually, the title says it all but let’s go further in this discussion.  When you receive free services as a business owner you should expect to obtain at least the basics for that price, right?  When you obtain services for free, don’t balk, in most cases, you get what you pay for.

I have heard people say that when they receive free services, it is mediocre and lack quality, but let’s be honest that is not always the case.  Free services are normally associated with basic services.  There are some great services that are provided for free, which permits you with enough basic information to allow you the ability to move forward in your business.

When business owners see an advertisement for free services they are under the impression that they will instead receive specialized services. Not sure why they follow this train of thought but let’s explore it further.  Your local bank sends you their monthly newsletter that contains free workshops.

In the newsletter, you see that there is a one-hour QuickBooks workshop that you will love to attend.  You noticed that it covers what you believe that you would need to help your business.  After attending the workshop you are happy overall but wanted to obtain more in-depth information on some QuickBooks specifics.

Two weeks later, you see another Quickbooks workshop being offered and you noticed that it is being taught by the same instructor as before.  You know that this instructor offers a great wealth of knowledge and you love her teaching style.  In this workshop, you noticed that she will be touching on more in-depth material pertaining to your specific needs.

You are ready to register for the workshop but then you see something that causes you to pause.  You noticed that she is charging a nominal fee of $175 for the 2-hour workshop. You then wonder, why isn’t it free, like the last time?

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Vernita Naylor
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“Don’t think small or your limitations, think business” Vernita Naylor


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