The Importance of Creating a Solid Password (Part III)


The Importance of Creating a Solid Password Part III, is the last of this series.  We will talk about creating solid passwords for your social media and other log-ins. I hope that as you are reading this series that you have become more educated than before on the elements of hacking.

Let’s recap The Importance of Creating a Solid Password Part II.  On your website, whether your site was professionally designed or you have done it yourself, inputting key security measures is crucial.  Start with installing a plug-in.

In order to find a plug-in that is ideal for you, research security plug-in reviews.  One plug-in to consider is Sucuri, have you heard of them?  Sucuri provides a level of protection and security that will give you some piece of mind.

When there is an attempt on your site, you will receive an alert, as well as, a Core Integrity Checks report, these are the tools and resources that can be beneficial for your business.  A consideration is to hire an IT security company that specializes in monitoring hacking activity and have the ability to clean your site, if necessary. Now let’s talk about creating solid passwords for all of your log-ins.

It is important that you create unique passwords for your log-ins.  Let’s explore some ideas on how to do that:  1) Never tie your passwords to anything personally posted online 2) Create passwords with at least eight (8) characters and 3) Change your passwords frequently at least every quarter, depending upon the activity maybe more.  Nothing is guaranteed but taking some of the steps as outlined in this series can help to maybe not stop but to minimize any hacking intrusions.  If you missed The Importance of Creating a Solid Password Part click here. Adios!

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