The Importance of Creating a Solid Password (Part II)


Now let’s continue the importance of creating a solid password.  I hope by now that you have gotten a chance to either rent or see the TV Series, Mr. Robot.  Let’s recap The Importance of Creating a Solid Password.

Remember, the ultimate goal of a hacker is to steal, kill and destroy your business and your vision.  In order to guess your password a hacker will go to great lengths to find out information about you and they can do so by looking at your social media profile. Here is an example of how the hacker would use the online information to create a code to hack your online presence: 1) On Facebook you are constantly talking about your cat, Pharoah; 2) On LinkedIn your business name is Hollywood Productions and 3) On Instagram there are adorable pictures of your children, Jade and Skyler at their favorite store, Build A Bear.  With all of this information in tow, the hacker will assume that your passwords contain some elements of these names and the ride begins.

Now let’s talk about the importance of acquiring IT Security for your business.  As a small business you have a lot of balls in the air and have done a lot to see your vision begin to take form.  Focusing your time and energy as to why your business is being attacked is not the answer.  Your job now is to take proactive steps to protect yourself to the best of your abilities.

Let’s begin with your website.  Whether your site was professionally designed or you have done it yourself putting security measures in place is key.  To start, one way to protect yourself is to have a security plug-in installed.

There are so many security plug-ins available how do you choose.  One way is to check security plug-in reviews.  I did that and I came up with Sucuri.

Sucuri will not only provide you with a level of protection and security that will give you some piece of mind but they will alert you when hack attempts are being made on your site.  Also, Sucuri will send you Core Integrity Checks reports, which are extremely helpful to you as a  business owner.  Are you still a little nervous?

Another option is to consider hiring an IT security company that specializes in monitoring hacking activity and have the ability to clean your site, if necessary.  In our last session of this series, The Importance of Creating a Solid Password  Part III,  we will talk about creating solid passwords for your social media and other log-ins.  See you next time!

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