The Importance of Creating a Solid Password


Technology offers several types of benefits for us as business owners but it can also be a curse.  Companies of all types are becoming victims of tremendous hacking.  While it may be clear as to why financial, multi-million or billion dollars companies are being hacked, one would wonder as to why are small companies being hacked as well.

What is the ultimate goal of a hacker?  The goal is to steal, kill and destroy your business and your vision.  One day I rented the TV Series, Mr. Robot which was truly intriguing as it displayed a few perspectives on the life of a hacker.

Mr. Robot, offers different hacking processes that are being used to steal your information.  The hacker goes to great lengths into finding out online information about the individual and/or businesses being hacked in order to guess their passwords.  Here is an example of how the hacker would use the online information to create a code to hack your online presence: 1) On Facebook you are constantly talking about your cat, Pharaoh; 2) On LinkedIn your business name is Hollywood Productions and 3) On Instagram there are adorable pictures of your children, Jade and Skyler at their favorite store, Build A Bear.  With all of this information in tow, the hacker will assume that your passwords contain some elements of these names and the ride begins.

If you want to really learn more about the hacking world and be entertained at the same time, either pick up a copy of Mr. Robot or check out the TV Series.  It is your job as a business owner to become educated on the underground world of hacking.  In The Importance of Creating a Solid Password Part II, next we will talk about why acquiring IT Security is crucial, even for a small business.

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