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Every year there are people that make several New Year resolutions.  By the end of January or February, some have given up the fight to maintain their resolutions.   Each minute, hour, day, week and month that passes, we each need the inspiration to make it through the journey.  For me, I rely on several scriptures to help me become inspired from within.  I also seek council for words of encouragement from my spiritual mentors and advisors.  Where does your internal inspiration come from?

As you go through each day you will hear, see or learn about things that may slightly chip away at your inspiration.  But regardless of the external forces, you need something or someone to help you maintain your internal inspiration.  To maintain inspiration and encouragement focus on positive self-talk while continually being surrounded by positive words, energy and people.

Then just Wait!  What does wait mean?  Relax and do nothing.  No matter how hard it may be you will be surprised that by waiting; it can stimulate that internal inspiration that you have been seeking.

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Vernita Naylor
Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)

“Don’t think small, think business” Vernita Naylor



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