How Are You Making A Difference?


Business owners are the catalyst for stimulating the economy.  Search yourself and gauge what extraordinary things that you are doing to make a difference.  As I was talking to a colleague and friend we talked about wealth, success and leaving a legacy.

Yes, we all want to make money and create jobs but ask yourself what legacy you will leave to your children, your grandchildren and this world. You will not be remembered by how much money you made but what you did.  As you are searching yourself you will begin to think about the paths that you have tread, marks that you have made and the blessings that you have given.

As the year is coming to an end stop, reflect and see what you have done in your life, you only have one life, live it well.  Despite it all ask yourself what legacy you are leaving to the next generation.  I wish you peace, happiness and blessings for 2016.

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Vernita Naylor
Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)

“Don’t think small, think business” Vernita Naylor



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