Using your mess for your message

Aesthetically SatisfyingThis country was founded on the premise of the importance of having God at the forefront of the founding fathers’ decisions; now that’s changed.  Gun selling is at an all time high where anyone can practically get one.  Killing is on the rampage.  Children are carrying guns to school and young adults at the colleges and universities.  Is there a message in all of this mess?  I say that there is.

My question to you is that with all of the mess going on in your life what message do you have for your customers?  What message are you translating to your customers?  If you were to ask your customers what would they say about your business?  Are you reliable?  Trustworthy?  Dependable? Or are you always lacking by not being within scope, within budget nor delivering your goods or services on time?  Believe it or not your personal life including your character becomes transparent and intermingled with your business and vice versa.  Depending upon how you handle the mess in your life will help to determine how effectively you are in delivering the message in your business.

Being a business owner takes a lot of guts, patience, hope, passion and it also takes a lot of failure and losses.  People may think that when you make some decisions that you are totally out of your mind.  But in the mess you were able to glean some things that you know will work for your business.  Regardless, of the mess the message should always be to connect, to sell and to provide quality to your customers.  Be careful how you translate the message and don’t let the mess override your message because it says a lot about your business.

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Vernita Naylor
Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)

“Don’t think small, think business” Vernita Naylor


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