Suffering a quarter-life crisis in mid-life

CAM00037Recently, I overheard a conversation about a woman in her 50s that is experiencing a meltdown.  As she begin to unfold the story of her life and issues to her friend, her friend told her that she is trying to operate her life as if she did about 15 years ago.  Yes, her friend was experiencing a quarter-life crisis in her mid-life.

We as business owners do the same type of thing with our businesses.  What once use to work appears to no longer be working and we wonder why.  Have you considered that you no longer have the same passions, values and stride that you once had?  Have you noticed that the marketplace has changed from what it once was?

As technology is swiftly evolving it creates a challenge for some business owners.  How we connect and interaction with our customers has changed as well.  Have you noticed that within the past five years there has been a tremendous shift in how you do business?  Don’t allow your quarter-life crisis to affect your mid-life business decisions.

To overcome the quarter-life crises in mid-life try these tips:

  1. Be transparent and talk to other business owners especially those in your industry.
  2. You are not alone. Began to create a support team to help you through the rough times.
  3. Breathe, regroup and know that it’s okay.

Remember that as your passions, values and stride changes it will affect how you make decisions as well.  Now that you are more mature hopefully through your experiences that you will now exercise more wisdom.  It’s not the end of the world. Relax.

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Vernita Naylor
Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)

“Don’t think small, think business” Vernita Naylor


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