How do you define greatness?

Satturi Castle (Napa) 2014
Satturi Castle (Napa) 2014 Photo Courtesy: Vernita Naylor (JEGroup)

When we are children that is when we have the greatest potential because our dreams and hopes are limitless. Our aspirations seems to be within our reach.  We are inspired by ourselves and in what we believe. When we are a child, we can do anything.

As we begin to grow up most of those elements change as life begins to intermingle within our minds. There are those, however, that try hard to either maintain or revisit these goals; some succeed while others let them fade away. There is an old saying that ‘the most talents are in the grave, never to be untapped.’

As May, which is Small Business Month, is quickly ending make sure that you patronize those that have tapped into their greatness.  These individuals said No to carefully treading the water and Yes to taking more risks.  These individuals say I have a dream to fulfill instead of I don’t have what it takes. These individuals say if I build, they will come instead of where will the people come from.

Look all around you there are small businesses everywhere.  It is because of people like you that Starbuck’s, Target, HP, Apple, Uber, Whole Foods amongst others have grown. Keep on doing your part in supporting small businesses because it is these businesses that is keeping this economy thriving by supplying jobs which support families then spending is stimulated within the community. If you can’t find a small business check out American ‘Small Business Saturday’ Express ShopSmall link, here is where you can locate a business within your area or within a reasonable walking, biking or driving radius.

So ask yourself how do I define greatness? Drop us a line and let us know.  Of all of the submittals we will choose a few comments to post, will it be yours?

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VNaylor Revised_MG_1853 3.12.14 (Dawson Imagery) bw

Vernita Naylor
Founder/Owner Jabez Enterprise Group  (JEGroup)


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