Small Business Leadership Summit 2015 Mixer (Series 1)



We as business owners do a lot from staying current on policies and other matters concerning us and supplying the demands for our goods and services to continually providing quality customer service. But we can’t do it alone; we know that it’s our team that helps us to stay the course. As you work in the passion of your visions and make those tough decisions do you realize that people are always watching? Well they are.

Recently, I along with other business owners was chosen as the top 100 of the most innovative small businesses nationwide. We received a special invitation from Founder and CEO, John Arensmeyer of the Small Business Majority to join him, the Small Business Majority Team and policymakers at the White House for the Small Business Leadership Summit 2015 where we were the voices for other business owners. Let the JEGroupZone take you on a journey as we lay out the series of the three-day Summit in Washington, DC. In this series you will not only get a chance into our world but have the ability to meet some of the other business owners that were represented there.

Arrival Day – Informal Networking Mixer at Slipstream which I missed due to bad weather throughout the U.S. in coming from California. I instead went to Meiwah Restaurant located extremely close to the hotel and had a delicious meal of Chicken and Black Bean Sauce with Rice. Now even though I missed this special event let’s hear from Hipatia Lopez, Owner, Empanada Fork (New Jersey) tell us about her experience at the mixer.

Photo Courtesy:  Hipatia Lopez (Empanada Fork)
Photo Courtesy: Hipatia Lopez (Empanada Fork, New Jersey)

”I took the Amtrak Train from New Jersey and arrived in Washington, D.C. just in time for the mixer. I got my name tag and started to meet a few of the Small Business Majority staff which was great to finally be able to put a face to all the emails going back and forth. I decided to literally go around the room and introduce myself to the other small businesses. The energy in the room was great. We all seemed excited to be there and experience this great opportunity given to us. It was interesting to hear what States were represented in the room and to learn a little bit about their business.”

This whole experience to me was “Meeting of the minds.” “If you have the passion to succeed and willingness to learn then you will” “Dream Big.”

Thank you Mrs. Lopez, Owner of Empanada Fork from New Jersey, for sharing your experience with us on arrival day at the Slipstream Networking Mixer. If you are interested in learning more about Mrs. Lopez and Empanada Fork visit her at, email or call 973-985-0379. Also, you can stay connected with her on Twitter or Instagram: Empanadafork.

In our next series you will hear about all of the wealth of information that we received from access to capital and tax rates to our breakout sessions, as well as, a few surprises. So remember everything that you do, do it with greatness because you never know who is watching you. How do you define greatness? Drop us a line and let us know.  Of all of the submittals we will choose a few comments to post, will it be yours?

Connect with us on Twitter @JEGroupBiz, or LinkedIn: Vernita Naylor or Facebook: Jabez Enterprise Group to see what we are doing next. We will be meeting at the Sacramento Black Book Fair, Underground Books, Sacramento, CA Saturday, June 6 12 noon. If you are in the Sacramento area tomorrow come and chat with me and other women as we talk about the challenges that women face as business owners.

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Vernita Naylor Founder/Owner
Jabez Enterprise Group  (JEGroup)


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