Getting prepared for a pre-audit

In the deep of the night Photo Courtesy Vernita Naylor (JEGroup)

When I am hired to perform a pre-audit of a business I am there to help them to reach and meet their goal(s).  One thing that almost all of the business owners are lacking is an adequate accounting system.  Now let me tell you a little about these pre-audits.

Say a business owner has an interest in getting a government certification, the pre-audit will help the business owner determine where they are, what is lacking and what works as it pertains to their business model ‘before’ applying for that certification.  Having an adequate accounting system is a crucial part of getting certified.  Additionally, it help the business owner to determine if the business is either financial healthy or too depleted to move forward.

So I suggest that every business owner invest in an adequate financial system.  One system is the software Quickbooks.  With Quickbooks you can do an array of things to help your business from now to the future.  You can perform forecasts, check your inventory, send invoices to customers, keep an account of your vendors, make payments and sync your bank account and credit card information into your Quickbooks Company Account.

All of these tools can help provide the debits and credits for your business and once these factors has been input into the system you can then create balance sheets, profit and loss and other types of reports.  As you can see with this one tool you can do so much and determine where your company’s financial health or lack lies.   Initially it is costly and the learning curve may be daunting but eventually it pays for itself.

Quickbooks provides an online tutorial to help you with basic tool navigation and then there are classes that Intuit provides that can help as well but they are at an additional cost.  If Quickbooks is not your ideal choice there are other financial software tools available.  The point here is to make your job easier and your business flow better by getting a handle on your finances.  Whether you hire a bookkeeper, accountant or purchase an accounting system either way make an effort because you may be calling me soon to do a pre-audit of your business.


Jabez Enterprise Group (JEGroup)


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