Face 4Ward Exercising Financial Literacy with Cash Flow Kung Fu


Being a business owner can be extremely difficult.  There are so many hats to wear on any given day.  Time management, multitasking, prioritizing and financial stability are at the top of the list. 

In being a business owner you must continually make wise decisions, your business and its success count on it.  Why not consider consulting with a professional that can help you with one of those difficult tasks?  Face 4Ward featured business is Cash Flow Kung Fu, a company that provides consulting services, webinars on financial literacy, business mentoring and coaching, business planning, financial modelling and free training videos for small business owners.

For large businesses Cash Flow Kung Fu has a sister company, In-Context Financing just for you.  Owner Siu Ling has an extensive background in finance as a former senior banker with various financial institutions from Citibank, and Westpac to GE Commercial.  She has been able to establish her expertise in the field by working with a vast array of clientele from vineyards, commercial and residential property development, clothing and textile manufacturing, abattoirs and funeral parlours to mining.

“Delivering results for clients requires good business acumen, strong financial and risk management skills. My clients regarded me as their “trusted banker” and many of the relationships have lasted long after I stopped being their banker” says Sui.  Despite hiring a bookkeeper or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to manage or consult with on best practices and tips for your business it would be in your best interest to do your homework and:

  • Understand business financing for yourself by knowing what is required in preparing business financial statements
  • Learn how to keep your personal and business accounts separate
  • Know your business and personal credit scores
  • Determine what are the best financial options available to you
  • Develop a sound relationship with a banker within a solid financial institution

If you are interested in finding out more about their services they can be reached at support@cashflowkungfu.com, visit  www.cashflowkungfu.com/blog, or www.incontextfinance.com they are available to help.  Want to be featured on Face 4Ward, stay up-to-date on government programs, events, business tips, have a great story or comments subscribe or contact us at services@jabezenterprisegroup.com or visit us at www.jabezenterprisegroup.com.



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