Face 4Ward Expectations for a new you

Javita Coffee Brand 2There are several factors that enter into our lives that cause us to make financial changes from the economy and job loss to a desire in becoming a business owner.  Meet our Face 4Ward business owner, Jacquelyn Jacobs, franchise owner of Javita Coffee.   She began this journey not only to subsidize her income but because of its healthful benefits.

Did you know that over two billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis?  It is estimated that coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry.  There are several choices of coffee available from in-home brands like Folgers, and at convenience stores like at 7-11 to retail chains like Starbucks or Peete’s.  Coffee can be bought almost anywhere.

Javita Coffee offers several ingredients that promote weight loss.  It is 100% natural, kosher and gluten-free.  It includes Yerba Mate,  Garcinia Cambogia, Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola and Green Tea which costs less and offers more benefits than drinking coffee.

Dr. Oz states that one of the ingredients Garcina Cambosia is the newest, fastest fat burner in the market today.  You can drink Javita Coffee either hot or cold either way you will still receive the benefits of weight loss. If you have an interest in finding out more about Javita Coffee and its healthful benefits contact Jacquelyn Jacobs at 510-364-6713 or by visiting Myjavita.com/wakeupslimdown.

If you want to be featured on Face 4Ward, stay up-to-date on government programs, events, business tips, have a great story or comments subscribe or contact us at services@jabezenterprisegroup.com or visit us at www.jabezenterprisegroup.com.

Javita Coffee Brand Javita Coffee Package Javita Coffee Tubes 2 Javita Coffee Tubes




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