Face 4Ward Cultivating Gardens for Generations in Small Spaces & Containers

Claudia's Great Nieces Haniah and Hazina Loves Gardening

Did you know that gardening provides several therapeutic factors from relaxation and meditation to healthy living? Did you know that gardening also creates culture and community?  Did you know that gardening helps you to connect with your inner self?  It does.

It allows you to become one with nature, each other and helps you to embrace all of its natural beauty. Throughout the world several individuals, organizations and farmers are implementing healthier ways to make foods to enhance the quality of life.  People are beginning to take up gardening and introducing their children to the importance of gardening.

Meet our Face 4Ward featured business owner, Claudia Noble-Levingston, creator of Cultivating Gardens she has the answer. She has a passion for helping others produce edible, urban and sustainable gardens to cultivate healthier eating choices. Raised in Oakland Claudia remembers the smell of freshness from the garden that her mother tended in their own backyard.

Her fondest memories were gathering sweet baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet peas and blackberries from the garden.  Having your own garden was a way for survival. Gardening has been put into practice not only in Oakland but throughout the Bay Area since the migration of families from the South.

These families have been growing gardens in their own backyards for over seventy-five years.  Can you imagine waking up every day to the scent of fresh fruits, vegetables, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary or thyme? Claudia is available to help you make that happen.

You may have seen Claudia throughout the Bay Area at the Bay-Friendly Gardening Master Composter Program, Earth Day Events at Washington Hospital (Fremont, CA), Organic Gardening Workshops at the San Francisco Library, Be Still Retreat sponsored by the Black Women’s Media Project or in her own backyard passing down the tradition to her great nieces. “No matter how large or small the space, you can grow edibles on your patio, deck, or window sill” says Claudia.  If you have an interest in starting your own garden or believe that you do not have the space for it Contact Claudia.

Cultivating Gardens also provide hands-on workshops. She can be reached at cultivatinggardens@yahoo.com, by appointment 510-473-2239 or visit http://cultivatinggardens.wix.com/cultivatinggardens.

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What a Beautiful Garden

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Delicious Produce on the Vein Carrotts 20131015_152559 Peppers n onions


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