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Along the Pathway (Vernita Naylor - JEGroup)
Along the Pathway (Vernita Naylor – JEGroup)

A Veteran is disciplined, punctual, have strong work ethics, stable and exhibit a trade or skill that employers want and need.  Despite the high unemployment rate amongst Veterans several companies have stepped up to the plate to hire Veterans that are returning home.  These companies recognize the value Veterans brings to the table and are beginning to hire them throughout the U.S.

There are several corporations and governmental entities that have created a vested interest in helping our Veterans.  Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. Wells Fargo offers Careers for Military Veterans and Veteran Support to help with housing, education and career efforts.  They have joined forces with numerous non-profit organizations and other businesses to help make Veterans whole.
  2. Got Your 6 has partnered with several retailers including Macy’s; non-profit organizations including Goodwill and the American Red Cross;  entertainment and communications industries including NBC Universal and governmental entities including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Wells Fargo to provide support from the military to civilian life.  They focus on jobs, education, health, housing, leadership and family.
  3.  Siemens has answered the call of President Obama to hire our Veterans.  They are taking the charge to hire Veterans with a manufacturing and engineering background.  Qualified Veterans throughout the U.S. will receive up to $17,000 at Siemens to receive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software training.
  4. GSA has exceeded their national goal for hiring Veterans by at least 35% within one Fiscal Year (FY).  GSA joined forces with several organizations that specifically service the needs of Veterans and by FY13-with two months remaining-they were not only able to meet but exceed their set military hiring goals.

There are several other partners out there with a passion to help our Veterans.  Our Veterans can use your help in taking the steps in the right direction.  If you have access to the resources necessary to help Veterans make the transition to civilian life do your part and help.

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Watch Siemens PLM and Still Hiring Veterans


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