SBA using EZ Projects to connect with businesses

The Obama Administration is continually seeking ways to provide more opportunities to business owners.  They challenged the SBA to create a program to help provide more opportunities.  The SBA’s Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) created a pilot program, RFP EZ Project, designed to streamline how government buyers and suppliers work together “better, cheaper and faster.”

Under the leadership of Sean Greene, Associate Administrator for Investment and Special Advisor for Innovation, SBA RFP EZ Project was born.  RFP EZ Project is in actuality, a Request for Proposal the Easy Way.  This concept was from borrowed from the same idea used for the IRS 1040 EZ Form.

Less than one year old the program allows IT start-up businesses to meet and supply the needs of government buyers.  Currently, the program only focuses on the needs of IT.  Once the bugs are worked out of the program other product and services are expected to be solicited online within the near future.

This program could help to set the stage for improving and streamlining the government contracting process between the buyer and supplier.  It can be the next step for saving time and reducing costs and paperwork.  The program is not perfect by far but it is a step towards efficiency and advancement.

There are still a lot of snags in the system.  And the payment process has not improved for getting paid quicker but it is off to a great start.  If you provide IT services try it, you may like it.

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