Can you lend a hand?


Popular movies such as:  ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘The Kingdom,’ ‘First Blood’ and ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ depicts the challenges and trauma that Soldiers are experiencing while in the military.  Whether the fighting is in Vietnam or in the Middle East every Soldier experiences the same things.  Regardless, they must be fully prepared to do combat.

During time of war they may not have adequate sleep, have a lack of nutritious food or experience an emotional downward spiral due to several factors including seeing their fellow Soldiers hurt, dying or dead.  Our Soldiers-both women and men-experience and sees a lot.  Whether it is while serving or once deployed they need your help.

The Government can only do so much to help these men and women.  You can do your part as well.  Please help in any way you can.  Helping our Veterans helps the family unit as well.

Take a look around you to see where you can help.  In lending a hand it can be either directly or indirectly.  They did their part to save and protect our Country; now it is your turn to do yours.  Thank you.

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