Face 4Ward: Celebrating EMG Live Fitness


Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.

Every year women are overcoming several odds and making tremendous leaps and bounds. Everything they do must be about balance.  Women businesses have been the backbone of this economy due to their leadership-as we have seen in Rosa Parks and  Mother Theresa-along with vision, drive and inspiration.

In the first-week of “Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned businesses” Series meet Joyce Wells a single, 50+, physically fit woman.  She recently left Corporate America as a corporate executive to pursue her dream of being a business owner.  In the 70s, as a corporate career woman she began to pave the way for equal rights in the workplace.

Tell us about your business?
I launched EMG Live Fitness in 2011.  We are an online fitness studio that provides remote access to a variety of premier group exercise classes, recorded daily at a very affordable price.  I have always been a group fitness groupie, fan of video communication and have used these tools for my business.  By making premier fitness classes available online, we can enable everyone to get fit and healthy, no matter where you live.

What are some tips that you have for women business owners?
1.   Get a mentor.  Find yourself someone who you can aspire to be.
2.   Read.  Get engaged with similar programs and projects.
3.   Understand your audience.  Whether they be your boss, your peers or your customers.  The rest will follow.

What does it look like for EMG Live Fitness within the near future?
I will be adding significant content and improving the overall customer experience.  I would like to get 50,000 members within the next year.  I am discovering new ways to market this emerging aspect of the fitness industry.  The old ways won’t work anymore; we need to find out how to reach our potential market.

What type of volunteering have you done in addition to being a business owner?
Primarily I mentor a diversity of mentees.

“I, through EMG Live Fitness, am looking to disrupt the fitness market, by providing high quality unlimited access to fitness classes that were previously limited to physical locations.  I am looking to be the “Netflix” of the fitness industry.”

For more contact her at:
joyce @emglivefitness.com
973 827 2502

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