Face 4Ward: Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned businesses

Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.  

Every year women are overcoming several odds and making tremendous leaps and bounds. Despite being a business owner they still have to be efficient as a mother, wife, sister, aunt or caretaker.  Everything they do must be about not only their business endeavors but balance as well. Women-business owners have been the catalyst to the improvement and stability of our economy for over a decade due to their sacrifices and efforts.

Within the next three weeks Face 4Ward will present its “Celebrating the accomplishments of women-owned business” Series.  Each week two women business owners that are making tremendous strides beginning with their vision, drive and motivation will be featured.  These women are creating a path less traveled.  To become and maintain their success these women had to set goals, plan and implement them and remain focused.  Additionally, they had to establish a set of strategies to help guide them along the way from creating and executing goals and implementing organizational behavior processes to improving customer service.

The The White House Economic Council Small Business Final Report displays the numerous strategies and programs that are in place to help women-owned businesses.  It is their commitment to ensure that these businesses obtain a lion’s share of the opportunities available.  It is important to support women-owned businesses.  We thank these awesome trailblazers in advance for sharing their story, inspiration and time with us. It is because of efforts like these that our economy is continuing to thrive.

If you want to stay up-to-date on government programs, lending, events or other small business initiatives subscribe with us.  Have a great story, comments or want to be featured on Face 4Ward contact us at services@jabezenterprisegroup.com or visit us at www.jabezenterprisegroup.com.


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