Face 4Ward Celebrating Andy Singh Leaving a Trail to Success

Metabyte, Inc (Andy Singh) 

Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.  

Asian American small businesses have gotten a lot of attention in the last several years.  According to the U.S. Census 1.5 million Asian Americans were business owners and they are the fastest growing group.  Their specialties range from the food and beauty to technology industries.

As their numbers and specialties continue to grow several governmental agencies and corporations are seeking the Asian American community to begin building business relationships.  Andy Singh is one of those success stories.  He grew from the ranks after joining Metabyte, Inc as a senior manager five and half years ago to becoming the Vice-President of Business Development.

Metabyte, Inc, headquarter in Fremont, CA has relationships throughout the U.S. and abroad from India, U.K., Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Germany to South Africa.  With their slogan

“Making Innovation Work” it is their objective to incorporate a culture of creativity, talent, sincerity and hard work.  They are a leading development and technology service company with two core markets: product development and support services for technology companies, and IT services for multiple industries.

A core value of their business model is that everyone must thrive so Metabyte, Inc makes it a priority to help their employees grow.  Their excellent customer service comes naturally because they put their hearts into what they do 100%.  Andy is a product of this business model. 

As a family man with a wife and two young boys, he has a heavy level of responsibility as the Business Development, Vice President from leading and directing the company’s sales team in helping to meet or exceed their sales revenue,  profitability and budgetary objectives’; strategic planning; managing people and leveraging technology within the company to improving the processes. During his spare time he plays golf and regularly makes contributions to various charities from Goodwill, Childfund International and American Red Cross to ASPCA.  He was one of those honored at the USPAACC Western Region Chapter Top 10 Asian American Business Awards.

Andy is honored by this great achievement and appreciates USPAACC for the recognition.  Through this effort he hopes that it will open doors at large corporate and federal sectors for himself and Metabyte, Inc.  We got a chance to briefly talk with Andy about his advice to other business owners and future goals.

What type of advice can you give to business owners within the Pan Asian American (PAA) Community?

  1. Clearly define the value in what you are offering
  2. The Pan Asian American Community is heavily focused in IT and should now also start exploring other markets
  3. The  Pan Asian American Community has good representation of being entrepreneurs but should also invest in becoming inventors

What are some of your future goals?

1)      Add more clientele
2)      Grow at a steady pace
3)      Take the company’s flagship globally and deeper into our current client base

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are the impossible.Keep working it, a NO just means not today.

For more information contact him at:  

510.405.1112 (o)
408.806.0203 (c)

If you want to stay up-to-date on government programs, lending, events or other small business initiatives subscribe with us.  Have a great story, comments or want to be featured on Face 4Ward contact us at services@jabezenterprisegroup.com or visit us at www.jabezenterprisegroup.com.


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