Having adequate processes and strategies in place can help to sustain a business

Small Businesses Going Global (Photo Courtesy: Vernita Naylor (JEGroup)

Being an effective business owner requires having several types of processes and strategies in place from project planning and marketing to management.  Processes and strategies are necessary in order to sustain the operation of a business.  As in Michael Moore’s “Downsize This!” the essence of change is obvious especially for a business owner.

We see changes everywhere from the unemployment rate, penal system, union, auto industry, housing market, corporation, taxes, right to life and Wall Street to the Presidential Elections.  Everything goes through a paradigm shift some are beneficial for the community and world as a whole while others affect things negatively.  As a business owner to stay in the race you must continually update and incorporate processes and strategies for your business operations.

Businesses like Facebook, eBay, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts all had a vision.  In order to reach that vision processes and strategies were put into place.  Through these elements they were able to turn their vision into a known brand which evolved into a niche for their business operations.

What is your vision?  What are the processes and strategies in place for reaching it? What is your process for managing your business?  What are your strategies for managing your projects?  Are they effective?  Do you need to change and/or edit them.  Change is inevitable be prepared.

If you want to stay up-to-date on government programs, lending, events or other small business initiatives subscribe with us.  Have a great story, comments or want to be featured on Face 4Ward contact us at services@jabezenterprisegroup.com or visit us at www.jabezenterprisegroup.com.


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