Veteran Resources for the future

Homeless Veteran (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)

Our Veterans are coming home.  As they return some things have changed from who they were to whom they are now and from what they left to what currently exists.  There are a lot of adjustments that has to happen in their lives especially for those that have been gone for over five years.

Who can the Veterans turn to when they are being deployed?  What resources are available to them?  They are experiencing several shortfalls from job displacement, homelessness and emotional trauma such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to various permanent injuries.

In the Bay Area, a Veteran Resource Fair took place in Hayward, CA under Ricardo Epps.  The fair offered an assortment of resources for veterans to give them a ray of hope.  It has been stated that since the summer the suicide rates has climbed; suicides outpace war deaths for troops.

Currently there are several government and private entities from California, Illinois and Michigan to Florida that are spearheading efforts to assist the Veterans. The resources include but not limited to employment, housing, benefits, health care screenings and crisis counseling.  Let’s look at a few resources that are available to help:

If you have the ability to hire, connect or mentor a Veteran please do so today.  They need to know that we care.  Please extend a helping hand NOW!

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