Business owners operating in the social media evolution

Business owners of today are swamped with trying to make educated decisions about how to market their business, keep them in front of their target audience, introducing their products or services to potential customers or even job recruitment.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, WordPress, Yelp and Google to name a few are instrumental in generating real relationships, creating transparency, reinforcing your brand and establishing a following.  These are a few of the main factors in being successful because they all stimulate levels of trust.

Using social media can be crucial due to the plugins and tools that are associated with them.  For example both Facebook and Google provide analytic for your website.  Site analytic provides a detailed account of:

  • Traffic sources
  • Type of audience
  • Audience interaction
  • Data Sharing
  • Demographics
  • Keywords used to locate your site

These elements all help to improve your site and increase your market’s Return on Investment (ROI).  It helps you as a business owner to better gauge and to develop an understanding of how your customers think.  Yelp and Facebook are tools that create dialogue between you and your customer(s).

Using these tools your customers can recommend, create a complaint or make a suggestion about your business, product or services.  This allows you the ability to see what your customers feel about your business and create a way for you to develop a rapport with those customers or potential customers.  As you continue to build a rapport you have the ability to make a connection with potential recruits as well.

LinkedIn and Twitter are great resources for this, however, with Facebook being a more “social” tool of transparency it can work as well.  Additionally, they offer strong referral, recommendation, screening and credibility outlets.  Yes being a business owner can be tough but choosing smarter processes and strategies for your business is the way to go.

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