Defining moments of decision making

Dreams from my Father (Photo Courtesy:

Every decision that President Obama makes is crucial. He must run the U.S. like the CEO of a business.  His decisions are based upon not only his own ingrained reasoning but also through the advice of the surrounding governmental party who acts as his advisers.

When he took the seat as President of the United States, he also took on a Country wallowing in a deficit and despite the promises he made the reality was different. Just like a new CEO, CFO, COO or CIO he was faced with a few defining moments.  In his book “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”    you will see how his ingrained reasoning evolved, how it affects his position and the decisions that he makes as President.

During the Democratic National Convention there was a lot of support.  There was an awesome lineup of powerful speakers that preceded President Obama.  Of those that spoke the most powerful and memorable speakers were Actress-Kerry Washington, Former President Bill Clinton, Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren and First Lady Michelle Obama.

There are a lot of things that others believed that President Obama should say and do during his speech What President Obama Should Say In His DNC Speech To Get Re-Elected (U.S. News) especially since the speakers had pumped up the anticipation of him speaking.  Despite it all the final decision was his.

A business owner should be comfortable with their decisions.  A business owner should not be swayed by what others think.  A business owner should not always be expected to toot their own horn let others do it.

Your job is to make those defining moment decisions, prioritize and successfully hit your marked targets. Who are you listening to and what are you using to make those defining moment decisions?  Remember the final decision is yours.

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