President Obama: I have a dream…………….

David Remnick: The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama

If you are a mature or growing business owner – been in business for over at least seven years -has your business endeavors evolved since its inception or has it remained the same?  Having a dream become successful is important.  What is more important is having a plan to get there and maintaining it.

If you look at the history of several business owners you will see a few of the “same” attributes.  These attributes are what they hold on to despite the bumps in the road.  These traits usually include the following:

  • Ethics in decision making
  • Art of negotiation
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Strong elements of management leadership
  • Articulate communication capabilities

In The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick President Obama, from his youth to being Senator, had a dream of making a difference in the world.  His dreams stayed consistent despite the bumpy roads he travelled to becoming President.  He never let money or anything else become an obstacle in fulfilling his dream.

When naysayers stated that he would never become President of the United States just after winning the Senate seat he stayed focus and thought otherwise.  Since his Presidency he has been able to fulfill a few of his goals.  One of his main focuses was in providing equality amongst people.

He was able to beginning fulfilling this dream by appointing the first Hispanic justice to the Supreme Court and overhauling the existing healthcare system. On some things he did fall short due to other factors involved but as a dreamer what he was able to control he did to help accomplish his dream.  There were others who saw the sincerity of his dream by honoring him-within less than one year in office-with the Nobel Peace Prize.

This book is about achieving your dreams, aspiration and inspiration. As a business owner reading semi-biographies and autobiographies are great resources.  These sources will help you to get a first-hand account of how to overcome obstacles and what avenues to use in moving forward.

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