Emulate effective leadership

Emulate effective leadership

For decades there has been an array of business owners displaying effective leadership. Each one has used a variety of styles to get the desired results. Every business owner must establish his or her stand in establishing their leadership style.

Leadership is defined as the ability to influence a group of individuals towards a desired goal. There is a theory that a group’s effectiveness depends upon a leader’s influence, style and ability to control and lead the outcome. Despite the style chosen “trust” must be in place in order for the goal to become a success.

Keep in mind that not all leaders are effective managers. For effectiveness both management and leadership abilities must be strong and balanced. In order to manage and lead your business you must be able to fully understand and grasp the concept of the goal or task at hand.

As a business owner understand that there are two main types of disciplines: employee-oriented and product-oriented. Which one you focus on depends upon several factors from your product and target audience to your management and leadership style. For example, if you own a brick and mortar your discipline may be the product-oriented approach in which you focus your effort on providing a quality product.

Despite your style here are a few factors that should be a part of your leadership strategy. Let’s view a few of them:

  • Visionary – non-traditional process that concentrates on seeing a vision-either new or existing-and turning it into a reality or improving the existing model
  • Moral – concentration on a continuation of maintaining ethical consciousness
  • Cross-cultural – ability to utilize a variety of leadership styles to reach a desired goal
  • Transactional – focuses on motivating a group into a specific direction by clarifying goals and tasks required to be accomplished
  • Transformational – focuses on charisma and stimulation of either individuals or group to accomplish a desired goal or task

Founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (HP) are not only visionaries but excellent examples of effective leadership. The founders´ concentrated on the employee-oriented approach with product-orientation being secondary. They used moral, transactional and transformational skills to grow their company.

It had been said that Bill Hewlett really knew how to not only hear but listen to people especially the employees. He created an open-door policy and was always willing to listen to the ideas and thoughts of the employees on products and quality control. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard always paid special attention to the needs of their employees from providing annual parties and creating flexible work schedules to distributing frequent bonuses.

The employee-oriented process helped HP to increase and improve their product line and supply chain. No matter what discipline you focus on and what factors you choose to incorporate into your business model remember effective, strong and balanced management and leadership skills helps to create a successful business.

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