Think like an Olympic athlete

The London 2012 Olympics  are here.  Athletes from over 200 countries have spent years training and preparing for this special moment.  This is the time to turn a dream into a reality.  As an athlete in the Olympics the goal is to compete, win the gold and create a world-record.  A lot can be learned from an Olympic athlete.

How an athlete chooses to view their participation in this event is up to them.  An athlete should be able to focus their efforts on their talent, training and hard work. The same is true for you as a business ower.  The vision and dream begins with you.  How you choose to manage your talents and time is up to you as well.

In the Olympic Games there are over 30 sporting events to participate in from basketball, swimming, cycling, boxing and gymnastics to track and field.  The same goes for you in your business choice you can choose any type of business to participate in from new and existing to franchise and in any type of industry.

Whether you are an athlete or a business owner in the beginning each visionary experiences the same elements from several obstacles, inadequate support, lack of funding and scarce outlets to being emotionally drained.  How an athlete can help to overcome a few of these issues is focus, have a goal and obtain a mentor and/or coach.   With a coach the athlete is creating a team to help them put that plan into action while providing encouragement, support and guiding them along the path of their success.

With a plan in place you should be able to do the same and focus your efforts on your business endeavors.  Their goal is to compete, win the gold and set a world-record what is yours?  Do you have a plan and a team to help you get there?

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