How to be an effective cold caller

Cold Call Marketing Photo Courtesy: Vernita Naylor (JEGroup)

With so much competition business owners are asking if cold call marketing is still a viable source.   Not only is it still a viable source but the process in which you use is crucial.  Cold call marketing’s purpose is to gain more customers.

Cold call marketing can be done in several ways from phone calls and direct mailing to email marketing it all depends upon your target audience.  All of these marketing methods have its own form of effectiveness from low costs to minimal risks.  Carefully consider how you approach your target market because it can also be considered “spam.”

Phone calls are a marketing process that focuses on calling potential customers to solicit a response pertaining to your product or service.  Consider yourself in the person’s shoes what pertinent information would interest you?  Prepare your message carefully, make it brief and determine how you should approach the introduction.  On the other hand consider what you need and what type of interaction are you expecting.


  • This is a great way to meet potential customers.
  • The cost associated with this is merely the cost of placing the call from local to long distance.


  • This is risky and its actions can be considered equivalent to spam and could land you on the “Do Not Call Wait List.”
  • With this method you must be patient and persistent yet unshaken.

Direct mailing is a marketing process that focuses on sending promotional material from postcards, flyers, brochures and business cards to CDs through the mailing system to current and prospective customers.  Make sure your packaging if professionally done with a “Call to Action” message.  Assure that your contact information is clearly and easily located on the packaging.


  • This is a great opportunity to introduce your product or services to potential Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C).
  • This method allows you the ability to mail numerous pieces of material at a low cost due to postal service bulk mailing rate.
  • Here you can customize your “Call to Action” make it actionable yet brief.


  • Here you have the potential of wasting money due to the material(s) being thrown away automatically and immediately without being reviewed.
  • Your material will be amongst other promotional materials, make it stand out and speak for you.

Email marketing is a marketing process that focuses on contacting prospective customers online via email. Prepare your message carefully, be brief from half page to no more than one page, if using visuals make sure they are professionally done and easy to read and understand, assure that your contact information is easy to locate and make sure your “Call to Action” message is included.


  • Ability to customize message and “Call to Action” with each email campaign.
  • Ability to maintain the “personal touch” affects as if writing to a close friend, family member or loved one.
  • Ability to engage with the audience by asking questions and providing answers
  • Ability to emphasize the benefits other than the features
  • Ability to add personal references testimonials of your product or service
  • Ability to offer something free or an incentive
  • This method is a cost effective solution, it costs only your time in creating the message


  • It is important to note that you should use your “own” email database and ask for other referrals leads to contact
  • Could be considered “spam” depending upon the number of emails used for distribution
  • To minimize the effect of spam consider using a marketing service such as Mail Chimp, Cooler Email or Constant Contact

Cold calling is still a viable, effective, low cost marketing tool to help you reach and gain potential customers but choose wisely.  If you want to stay up-to-date on SBA programs, government lending, business events, other business initiatives or business highlights subscribe with us.  Have a great story, comments or know of a business making a difference within the community both locally or nationwide contact me at or visit us at


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