Face 4Ward Hesperian’s answer for the right to health care

Hesperian Health Guides

Face 4Ward is designed to highlight businesses that are making positive impacts not only within their communities but throughout the world.   

What do Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Roosevelt and Obama all have in common?  They all had a passion to implement a national health care plan within the United States.  Lyndon Johnson was able to make a step towards this goal by rolling out Medicare during his presidental term; while President Barak Obama signed into law the Health Care Reform in 2010.

Just as in most other countries or provinces throughout the world that either receives no cost or low cost services everyone should have the right to health care.  Hesperian Health Guides (Hesperian) offers great solutions to this problem.  Hesperian’s mission is to “strive for a world in which people and communities are equipped to achieve health for all.  We provide information and educational tools that help all people take greater control over their health and work to eliminate the underlying causes of poor health.”

Hesperian has created a series of guides for preventive maintenance, curing diseases, women’s health, dental care and environmental health that have become one of the most widely used and valuable health care resources throughout the U.S and abroad especially within the low-income and immigrant communities.  The guides offer a plethora of health information and education resources to support individuals, communities, doctors, health care clinicians, dental workers and physicians.  The easy-to-read guides have been translated into 88 languages and are routinely updated.

The most popular guides are:

Where There Is No Doctor
Where There Is No Dentist
Where Women Have No Doctor
A Book For Midwives
A Community Guide to Environmental Health

Hesperian understands that the guides must contain update and relevant information in order for individuals and communities to maintain and improve their health.  Guides with heavy medical content are updated every 1-2 years while those with less medical content are updated every 3-5 years. Look at how valuable and resourceful these guides have been for community health workers, health education agencies, funders and health care clinicians throughout the U.S. and abroad:

  • Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health, says: “”Where There Is No Doctor” is an indispensable resource… This book has been, quite literally, a lifesaver for the poor – even where there is a doctor.”
  • A community health worker in New Orleans says:  “When young folks come to me with STD questions, I grab “Where Women Have No Doctor,” toss it on a table and ask them to look it up. They read it out loud… and we start from there.”
  • “As a health education and promotion agency for over 25 years, Migrant Health Promotion relies extensively on Hesperian’s health education materials and resources to supplement our curriculum and to educate community health workers.”
  • Helping Children who are Blind is a wonderfully written book! …teachers in particular find it useful in their classes, with the budget cuts teachers are left with finding their own resources on their own that they can bring into the classroom to help their children.” —Blind Children’s Fund

Also, Hesperian has a free mobile app, “Safe Pregnancy and Birth” from exploring ways to maintaining a healthy pregnancy to signs of discovering if your pregnancy is in danger.  Get involved with Hesperian there are several ways that you can help:  translation services, spreading the word and help to expand their distribution network.  To access any of Hesperian’s books and resources, go to Hesperian.org, there you can read Hesperian’s latest news and updates, browse the bookstore, make a donation, download books for free, access the health wiki, and much more!

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